Saturday, 13 August 2011

The Crash Of The Elysium

Now it's all over, and it's largely been spoilered what happens in it, and there's the odd video here and there taken by someone with a camera hidden in their bag, and I just found out there was one day that Matt Smith turned up himself instead of on video (aaauuugh!)... it's probably safe enough to talk about The Crash Of The Elysium freely.

An interactive theatre event - like a "haunted house" attraction, or indeed a very railroaded LARP where you play yourself - it first cast the audience/participants/players as special guest visitors to a museum exhibit about a lost Victorian ship, before a future spaceship of the same name crashed right outside and an Army team drafted the audience/participants/players to help infiltrate and search, working on a partially decrypted warning from someone called "the Doctor" in the ship's black box recorder that something is loose...

Seems to be a pretty straightforward story, but the makings of a good Big One-Shot, and with its smallish cast, interactivity, and use of modern and period locations due to a time travel effect, the ideal model for a Whovian LARP if you have the necessary resources.

Especially if you can get Matt Smith to come. (aaauuugh!)