Sunday, 15 January 2012

Open the great book at random and...

Due to this I have now noticed that the TARDIS Index File has a "random page" button too.


The Harp Of Rassilon!

Erm. Something about...


Example: The Song Of Time

The finest orchestra in the four galaxies is to give a gala performance tonight, in aid of the survivors of the Red Nebula disaster. And rather than the pieces they had rehearsed, one of the guest players has a piece for the harp. A piece not hard since the First Days, said to have been composed by one of the legendary Time Lords. So where did she find it, and who wants it to be played...?


Okay, your challenge, skipping an actor and a cut scene, Atif. A journalist discredited by Torchwood One. What has he found now...?

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