Friday, 27 January 2012

A rules issue!

Siskoid asks: Do we have too many Story Points?

As also asked here.

Possibly. Especially when there's more than a couple PCs with no point-eating powers at the table.

In The Door In Time Kai and Effie spend them so sparingly that I could probably replace "you have this many per session" with "per series" and they'd still go at the same rate, but if they decided to start burning through them how might I stop them?

Simplest trick would be to halve them. Or halve what they do, so they get you 1D6 instead of 2. Or put a group cap on them. Or a GM gets one for every one spent, although that would lead to the GM having an end-of-session Story Point hammer, which is suitable only for cliffhangers.

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