Thursday, 12 January 2012

Who are these people?

Girl On The Moon's take on the NPCs from Worlds In Time, giving them hints of personality. Camille, the human girl and therefore most likely companion, looks like Jodie Whittaker, casting I approve of. The unflappable Catkind gent in the suit and tie would make a fun sidekick.

I am still puzzled by Darren the Silurian though.

And why no female Cheem?


  1. I like to think Darren hails from an era or timeline where Silurians and human cultures reached a certain level of comfortable overlap.

    Maybe the fad of adopting names and outward signifiers of the other culture rises and falls over the years.

    Or Darren's adopted by two humans who found his sleep chamber while potholing.

  2. I noticed some new allies last night on Worlds in Time, including a female Cheem.