Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Doctor Who game adventures that could have been

Preparing for Conpulsion, I find I may soon have a chance to meet Simon Burley, creator of Golden Heroes, from my Golden Age of GW RPGs and White Dwarf support and adventures.

I borrowed Crossfire, the Golden Heroes introductory adventure, for Doctor Who a while back - an intro adventure with the PCs stumbling into a key battle in a three-way interplanetary war happening in the middle of modern London, the kind of big wild idea perfect for (a) superhero comics and (b) Adventures In Time And Space.

And that got me thinking. Around this time GW was importing FASA’s Doctor Who, which thus merited a single one-page article in WD as well as reviews, and also printing Chaosium’s Call Of Cthulhu and Runequest and producing new supplements, articles and adventures for them too, as books and in WD.

So it seems like a great missed opportunity that they never did the same for FASA.

Because I suspect that Doctor Who adventures by the writers of mid-80s GW would have been fantastic.

(For a taste of what we missed, an adventure for Time Lord by Marcus L. Rowland.)

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