Monday, 4 February 2013

Return Of The One-Shot Monster

The new Doctor Who Magazine has a poll up for which one-shot monsters readers would like to see return.

“In DWM 457 we asked which of the Doctor’s memorable monsters you’d most like to see make a comeback. All of these monsters only appeared once, but are fondly remembered by fans. Would you like to see the Zarbi scuttle back on screen? The Axons back to fight another battle? Or are the villainous vegetable Vervoids deserving of another helping? Make your choice!”

Zarbi, Quarks, Axons, Zygons, Terileptils, Vervoids, Haemovores, Reapers, Sycorax, Saturnynes.

At the moment, the Zygons have half the vote. I for one thought the Axons would be making a better show of it. The villainous vegetable Vervoids aren’t quite last, somehow. Oddly no Krotons...

There have been a few more options down the years, from murderous Mechanoids to malignant Mandragora to killer Krillitanes to the awesome Adipose. Well, one appeared in The End Of Time, but only for four seconds before he fell off the bar...

Naturally, Axons and Zygons and the like have popped up again in the novels, comics and audio plays - the Axons were the first big threat to Eleven and Amy in DWM’s own comics - so there’s plenty of source material to draw from if you want to set up a rematch with an old favourite.

Of course, this does run the risk of a reaction like this.

“I plotted to destroy the Earth!”
“Doesn’t really narrow it down, sorry...”

So consider what would make this reappearance exciting, surprising, different perhaps. A new spin, a reappearance in a different era maybe...


Example: Cold As Crystal

A new acquisition for the Crown Jewels by George VI, a diamond-like stone that is said to have fallen from the stars. A target for the greatest jewel thief in the world. And the electrical devices around it seem strangely unreliable - almost like something wants it to be stolen. To escape. Almost like there is an unknown intelligence connected to this stone from another world...

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