Sunday, 2 June 2013

And so the greatest of all Gallifrey's mysteries begins once again...

(A Story Point for anyone who recognises the quote.)

We have reached the point of regeneration, the great in-character reboot which I must admit has never quite worked for me in the fiction but never mind. (Which is why in The Door In Time itself, Kai doesn’t change actor when he regenerates...)

Something that last happened before this blog began. I may need to change the background image...

Regenerations are the most obvious eras of Doctor Who, although showrunner eras are probably more important - note how DWAITAS models the Davies years perfectly, rather than the more fantastical and slightly more violent Moffat era.

So while a new actor might not lead to a substantial change in tone, as Steven Moffat has given no indication he’s going too, things will change as the actor settles into the role.

So who will it be? Hell if I know. Quite possibly someone who’ll make me go “Doctor... Who?

As I’ve mentioned before, I’d actually seen Matt Smith in a couple of things but never really noticed him, whereas David Tennant was entirely unknown to me until he played Casanova in the Davies adaptation that came out the same time Who came back so suddenly someone starring in a Davies show looked like a possible future Doctor...

So just for amusement, I’ll roll up the next Doctor on The Time Traveller’s Companion regeneration charts... so we need... someone 40ish and a bit short with short brown hair and green eyes.

Um... Billy Boyd?

Actually, he’d be great...


  1. My fervent, futile hope is a whole season with John Hurt.

    1. They're have to cut down on the running a bit.

      And he's never okayed a toy likeness before, which would be inconvenient for the merch people...

    2. Doctor in hooded cloak, Doctor in clockwork droid's fancy dress, Doctor as victim of the Wire, the possibilities are endless.

    3. Given that the fantastic 12" Alien line had Kane with facehugger - or nobody in particular.

      (And now I think about it, Character never made a Headless Monk! Damn it, Character!)