Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Nine Romanas

And finally, after Susan and the Master...

Only nine Romanas, as she was assigned by the Time Lords to watch the wayward Doctor so putting one in with the first two Doctors is a bit of a stretch...

The Third Romana would be the Mary Tamm version a Doctor early, joining him after the Omega incident - so she meets the First and Second Doctors as well - and being snooty and imperious across space and time.

The Fourth Romana, then, is the Lalla Ward version. She carries over to the gang of kids with the Fifth Doctor, acting like a disapproving big sister, but gives up a regeneration to defeat the Master and leaves with Nyssa in her new form.

The Sixth Romana makes a surprise appearance as the defence counsel in the trial. At least she doesn’t go full 80s.

Do not trust the Seventh Romana.

The Eighth Romana is a mystery appearing in a big two-parter during the American season - and a stuck-with-the-ex situation in the midst of his great romance for added screwball comedy.

The Ninth Romana gets a tragic flashback as she helps the Doctor escape from Gallifrey and is struck down by Rassilon.

The Tenth Romana appears in a single episode, a doomed romance across the realities before the pocket universe she was imprisoned in is sealed forever. Until the specials, anyway.

The Eleventh Romana is a throwback to the Fourth, a madcap childlike adventurer with a well-hidden core of darkness.

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