Monday, 24 June 2013

Doctor Who And The Cybermen - In Colour!

A knock-on effect of the EU collection - it covers Peter Cushing as Doctor Who as well as the First Doctor. Added to the DWM cover feature about the restored and rereleased Cushing movies, it got me thinking about that other series.

I’ve imagined what it would look like if they adapted later Doctors’ key adventures to the big screen before, but let’s say The Chase was adapted, with yet more Daleks. Would they at some point branch out to other noted monsters?

Considering the colourful Daleks we got, I can imagine cinematic Cybermen wouldn’t be all silver and steel - while on TV they’re still effectively a black and white monster to this day, give or take the odd blue light.

They’d probably base them on The Moonbase sleeker version rather than The Tenth Planet’s concertina carriers, avoiding the hints of medical body horror provided by exposed flesh and bandages. And they’d have glowing eyes. And maybe rank indicators in primary colours? Beware the blue mask of the Cyberleader...

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