Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Alone with the Silence

Mention of the royal visit on the official Doctor Who Twitter account also inadvertently gave me a plot hook:

“HRH Prince Charles has just met the monsters! There was everything from Daleks to Angels, but will he remember having met the Silence...?”

What would it be like to be immune to the power of the Silent? Never forgetting the monsters hiding in plain sight? You might be essential to stopping them... if it doesn’t drive you mad...

It could also be treated more casually, like Spike’s immunity to Glory’s concealment spell in Buffy season five played for laughs. But consider the horror possibilities as the Silent hunt you through streets filled with people... people who could help you, but never for more than a few moments before they forget why you need their help at all... who won’t even remember seeing someone blasted to dust...

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