Friday, 5 July 2013

Danny Dyer Is NOT The Doctor! (I bloody hope)

An SFX poll for nightmare suggestions for the Twelfth Doctor. Dyer isn’t even the most horrific, although the Go Compare opera singer seems a bit of a stretch.

And some ain’t so bad at all.

Although chillingly, Russell Kane has just said he wants it in an interview.

And yes, one of the options is AN AMERICAN.


  1. Dyer as the Doctor would be enough to make me skip the show. It has certainly been enough to make me skip his films...

    Honestly though, not everyone on that list makes my "worst possible choice" selection, even if they would hardly be my top picks either.

    1. Yeah, Alan Davies would be fine - if utterly obvious from the moment Jonathan Creek started, and Daniel Radcliffe likewise. And Miranda Hart could be a lot of fun too.