Monday, 1 July 2013

Canada Days Gone By

In honour of Canada Day, what would be a good event in the country’s history for time travellers to visit?

The Franklin Expedition is kind of a downer...

Alternatively, go to the future for a Margaret Atwood homage episode?

There isn’t much in the TARDIS Index. Apart from Sydney Newman, of course!

Enemy Within was shot there, although set in the US.

One could-have-been is that the Canadian animation company Nelvana planned a Doctor Who cartoon in the late 80s. So maybe use their tank-like Daleks or IG-88 style Cybermen, or the numberless Harold Ramis lookalike Doctor, apparently unnamed companion and doctor’s bag that folds out to become K-9?

Of course you already have your own Time Lord from Being Erica...


  1. It's a bit weird that there is less based in Canada, as the fan base is I think, a bit larger here than in the US, as they got all the classic episodes at about the same time as we did in the UK. So in my generation, there are as many fans (within the geeksphere of course) than in the UK. It must come down to filming subsidies, or even just trying to break deeper into the larger US market. Seems a bit weird considering how much Montreal and Toronto are used as substitute US cities for other filming projects!

    I guess it's time to write a UNIT Montreal adventure!

    1. The US-shot episodes have been very "big famous location that isn't like anything in the UK" as well as backed by BBC America.

      The DWM comics have set UNIT stories in Sydney and Tokyo in the last few years just because they could - original drafts were set in Scotland and the Home Counties instead! RPGs can follow suit, of course.

  2. In our own Doctor Who RPG, I made a conscious choice to develop Canadian locations more, leaving London to the Doctor, but as it turns out, this season had few "Earth Present" stories. Did manage one though, in which I took my home town's own history into account, setting the tale in 1970s Moncton right after our telecommunications tower was built, as a sort of retread of The War Machines. It was fun to use locations all the players knew (filtered through the past of course), but I never did manage to get to Montreal as London substitute.