Sunday, 25 August 2013

New DWM, and Shalka sequels that never were

I saw Ben Aaronovitch and Paul Cornell discussing their London-based urban fantasy series last night, and oddly they both feature prominent in this months Doctor Who Magazine, although less prominently than The Twelfth Doctor of course, with a big Fact Of Fiction retrospective on Remembrance Of The Daleks and a fair bit about Scream Of The Shalka (coming soon to DVD!) in the look back at the shows return in 2005.

And now the gaming-relevant bit, plot hooks that were never made. I won’t spoil why Grant’s Ninth Doctor was so grim, but here were the proposed sequels...

Memoria by James Swallow “made good use of the TARDIS-bound Master”.

The Forest Of Ancestors by Stephen Baxter “about a race of people who were living trees”.

And chosen to be made next, Blood Of The Robots by Simon Clark: “Vorada, a planet that was a giant garbage dump where the robots worked”.

Not quite enough to start a session with, but a rubbish dump planet is certainly an evocative setting, particularly with cobbled-together robots who might go a bit Cannibalist...

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