Sunday, 4 August 2013

The Twelfth Doctor is...

I imagine if you're looking at this page you already know and/or don’t mind a spoiler, but cut anyway.

Peter Capaldi.

Yeah, he’ll be fine.

And apparently he and Craig Ferguson used to be in a band together. Called The Bastards From Hell. Fantastic.

(Craig Ferguson for the new Meddling Monk!)

And thanks to various Scottish arts events, I was once in the same room as him.

... It was a large room. Just me, him and about three hundred other people.


  1. Speaking for me and everyone in the room with me when he was announced as #12, we are pleased.

    He's everything I've wanted in the Doctor since the series restarted... Older, accomplished and talented actor, but full of life and very expressive with a big emotive range.

    I still would've liked Smith to stay on another year, but this news really softens the blow of him leaving.

    Wonder what the general reaction will be?

    1. Sadly, yes, probably.

      I'm mostly interested in the reaction because for the first time in a long time we've got a Doctor who is noticeably old. Wondering what kind of reaction that will prompt from the new, younger fans.

    2. So far I've seen oldish fans complaining about youngish fans complaining, but no actual youngish fans complaining...