Saturday, 3 August 2013

The Twelfth Doctors

Soon we will know.

The potential energy of a hundred uncast Twelfth Doctors is about to be released.

Do you have any questions for the Twelfth Doctor?

But for now, looking at the odds and based entirely on what the talked-up actors have done before, imagining what their Doctors and adventures might be like. All but one have been in the show, but that never stopped Colin Baker or Freema Agyeman or Karen Gillan...

Peter Capaldi

Big star. Another tall thin shouty Doctor. He can obviously talk the talk for it, and was a Big Name Fan back in the day, but he’d need a way to play it differently than Nine.

The Scales Of Justice
“The Doctor and Priya are called before the Tribunal of Ma’at to speak in defence of humanity - with the Master advocating their destruction! Can the Doctor face his oldest enemy without breaking the laws of the Tribunal forbidding violence?”

Daniel Rigby

From Black Mirror, Eric And Ernie for BBC4, and the BT adverts. Could be another youngish affable Doctor with a notable angry streak. Also, ginger.

Smoke And Mirrors
“The Doctor takes Kelly to meet Harry Houdini as he investigates a fake medium - who now seems to be real! Has her mind truly been opened to the other side... and are the other acts in the music hall affected as well?”

Olivia Colman

National treasure known for comedy and drama. Sadly not actually in the running. Could be a funny, snarky, big-hearted, deceptively nervy Doctor that the villains would underestimate at their peril.

Pirates Of The Red Sun
“The Doctor and Rob are pursued by a Galatean strikeforce, seeking the route to the Hidden World! Can she save him from the Soul Probe?”

David Harewood

RADA, Homeland, documentary voiceover gravitas, The End Of Time. A serious Doctor, who smiles so rarely it’s a triumphant punch-the-air moment when he does?

Desert Of The Dead
“The Doctor and Mia follow a distress signal to a planet long abandoned and believed to be haunted! What awaits them in the ruined city of Peace?”

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