Monday, 16 September 2013


Scream Of The Shalka is out now on DVD, and writer and creator Paul Cornell reflects on its creation, its reception and Shalka fandom.

It’s a great example of restarting Doctor Who, creating a new Doctor and companion (whose ongoing relationship is very New) and bringing in new monsters as well as a twist on an old enemy.

The Doctor who’d rather not be there is a particularly interesting spin on the character, a bit of Hartnell’s bristling at having to deal with these things mixed in with Pertwee’s cultured showing off. Mark Gatiss did something similar when he played the Doctor for three minutes, while Richard E Grant’s only live-action performance as the Doctor played up the dashing charmer side, which might have emerged in this Ninth Doctor as he warmed up.

And the TARDIS mobile is a great little gadget.

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