Friday, 20 September 2013

Your ideal Doctor Who game...

And after that:

Please describe your ideal Doctor Who game. (Unfortunately technology currently limits us to developing games that are feasible in this space/time dimension so please bear this in mind when you’re answering.)

We are interested in things like:
• The characters you would include
• The genre of game e.g. first person or trivia
• What kind of tasks/rewards you’d like to have
• The most important things we should include
• How true the game adventures track with actual show episodes

My response:

An adventure game with little or no “twitch” gameplay, with a heavy story focus. The longer of the first run of the Adventure Games for the PC and Mac, like City Of The Daleks and Blood Of The Cybermen, were close to my ideal.

I’d feature the current Doctor and companion(s) by default, although adventures for previous TARDIS crews could be a lot of fun.

I’d suggest locations across a few time periods, popular monsters (that you can argue with by suitable dialogue choices) and if possible no timed jumping puzzles...

Looks like they may have something in mind:

“For the first time ever fans of Doctor Who will be able to interact with fifty years of beloved adventures, allies and enemies. Travel backwards through the Doctor’s timeline to face his deadliest foes and meet his most memorable companions. Through this epic adventure you will build a formidable army of companions, allies and past regenerations to take down a foe whose actions threaten to rip the universe apart.”


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