Friday, 20 September 2013

What a companion needs

A new Doctor Who survey at the BBC, asking about favourite Doctors and companions, brings up an interesting question:

What are the five qualities you think are the most important for a Companion to have? Please indicate at least one quality before proceeding.

My answers, in order:

To be entertaining, relatable and sympathetic, fun to watch.
Something to do besides ask the Doctor what’s going on.
The ability to ask the Doctor what’s going on without sounding like an idiot.
The ability to RUN!
Making Daleks seem scary by their reactions.

And the next question after that:

Choosing from amongst the monsters shown below, which two monsters would you most like to see fight in a battle?

The Judoon might be able to capture the Master (particularly with the Doctor and friends’ help) but they couldn’t hold him. What prison can?

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