Saturday, 23 November 2013

Doctor Who: The Complete Series A

My own contribution to the anniversary:

My first shot at a play-by-post Doctor Who game, featuring Onyx Path writer and developer Rose Bailey writing a new Doctor, urban fantasy author Paul Leone as ESA scientist Nathalie, and our own Eternally Lost Zeppo as DI Porter among others. It produced some interesting artefacts along the way.

The trailers for one thing...

And now, as my own little bit of anniversary nostalgia, an episode guide to the series I had planned.

Some are just notes, some have been expanded to adventure hooks and the like elsewhere...

The Man Who Fell To Earth

A meteor crash in northern England attracts the attention of the local populace, the police, a scientist from the European Space Agency... and a man stepping out of an old police phone box.

With a new group of friends, a refugee from a 33rd Century space war watching his back and the help of a friendly Roman centurion, the Doctor confronts the Forgotten, survivors of a reality which he had to destroy. Freeing the a-temporal beast they forced to breach the walls of realities, he sends them back to the nothingness between universes...

The First And Final Battle
From an idea by Mark Gatiss

Occupied Paris, and a Nazi science experiment seeks to open a rift in time between the present and the age of dinosaurs. The TARDIS crew pursue the pilot forced to fly the experimental craft into the tear, chased by loyal troops.

And yes, one of the leading Nazis gets eaten by a dinosaur.


Returning to Amanda’s home era, the Doctor and friends find a colony on an ocean planet under attack by sabotage machines.

Century House
From a script by Tom MacRae

“Tonight, Ghostwatch goes live to Century House, said to be haunted by a figure known as the Red Widow since a fire decades ago.”

A ghost-hunting reality TV show, going out live... and a familiar group of figures walk by in the background...

Destroyer Of The Daleks
Part one of two

Sightings of Daleks reported, hidden in delivery vans near a major scientific conference in modern Paris, to feature a keynote speech by robotics entrepreneur Maria Movell. What are they doing there, and why aren’t they attacking?

Souls Of Iron
Part two of two

The Movellans seek to destroy the Dalek Astrolabe at any cost, and they don’t care about collateral damage - like the planet it sits on. Can the Doctor and friends stop the final battle in a far future war destroying humanity?


The Secret Worlds
From an idea (The False Galaxy) by Rose Bailey

When a planet goes missing, the Shadow Proclamation makes a note. When an entire solar system appears from out of nowhere, the Shadow Proclamation freaks out.

Lightning In A Bottle

1767, and Benjamin Franklin’s experiments to harness the electrical force of lightning draw the attention of aliens who would prefer to keep humanity in the dark...


The case Porter could never solve... and now all he has to do is step outside and he’ll know...

The Trident

They didn’t find Atlantis in 1884. Did they?

Once Upon A Time

Using the text-based format to its best advantage - an episode in which the characters’ adventures are recounted as a fairytale.

Emperor Of The World
Part one of two

The travellers find themselves in 1812, welcomed by the decidedly casual supply train of Napoleon’s army on the way to conquer Russia. Fine food, dancing in the city hall, no idea what they’re marching into... The Emperor assures them that victory will be theirs, despite the harsh conditions, before winter can set in.

Napoleon’s confidence comes from his secret weapon - an alliance with the Daleks!

The Forgotten
Part two of two

The Daleks plan to unleash the nightmares of the Time War on the Earth, including the one that created the Forgotten, a shadow of humanity from a doomed universe. The Daleks’ plan will set them loose - a world of ghosts who want to see the Doctor die a hundred times!

Children In Need Special
Doctor What?

After Century House, one of the producers remembers enough to start a TV series about a mysterious man in a blue box...

Christmas Special
The Green Knight

Henry the Eighth versus the Ice Warriors!

Series B:

The Man Who Sold The World

The Master returns. And this time, he’s not alone...

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