Monday, 18 November 2013

Sideways In Time

The 14 Strangest Moments in Doctor Who Alt-History

Scratchman! Hawkspur! Nelvana! The Stranger! The dashing young First Doctor! Ridley Scott!

If you haven’t stumbled onto this page by accident some of these will be familiar to you. If you have, this will explain, at least to some extent.

And some could be salvaged to at least some extent. There be plots there! Plots just lying there for the taking!

Like the battle with a smooth-talking Devil playing games with reality itself...

Or the sinister alien who got to Earth ahead of the Doctor and gained power by pretending to be an affable British politician... Okay, maybe not that one...

The list does not include the most eye-watering near-miss in Doctor Who history. Seriously. Wow.

And the Nelvana Doctor’s designer is the father of one of the commenters, which is a nice It’s A Small World moment.

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