Saturday, 23 November 2013

The Day Of The Doctor

Right then. 50 years. 900 posts. 55552 pageviews. And something to talk about.

I saw it in 3D, along with a thousand other people in three screens in that cinema alone (and five hundred more waiting for the encore) and was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t break down halfway through and drop a giant 3D Graham Norton on us.


We got Strax’s warning about cinema etiquette and the Doctors’ introduction. And a Mr. Peabody And Sherman trailer that will mean nothing to most of Britain as it never really showed here, and an amusing Anchorman gag. Which is a pointer to how big this is - I last remember special gag trailers around Star Wars.

(But we did not get the Christmas special teaser. Hmph.)

Speaking of things to get, Confidential bit.


Original credits! Totter’s Lane! Coal Hill School!

Not sure how Eleven and Clara got out of his memories, but never mind.

UNIT really should be more careful.

Nice use of 3D in the paintings, no big whoop otherwise.

Ten and Elizabeth and Zygons kinda feels like a minor funny adventure that happens to be a bit of the special. In fact, Ten has the least to do of the actually-involved Doctors. His inability to spot a Zygon is pretty damn funny, and Elizabeth saves the world!

John Hurt’s Ninth War Doctor is surprisingly amiably grumpy rather than the apocalyptic doom-and-gloom type I was expecting.

Dalek fighter thingies! (Kinda like Spider Daleks in fact!)

Go Osgood! Go Osgood!

“Never cruel or cowardly.”

Sad for Eccleston fans. Can’t have everything, I guess.

“That wheezing, groaning?”

“All Thirteen!” Whoa! (So will he now skip 12 and be called 13?)

I know that voice...

Gallifrey in the Time War pushed back to the sympathetic version rather than Rassilon’s mad idea, making saving it something to cheer for.

And, oh yeah, bit of a change. Might affect some DWAITAS games there...

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