Thursday, 26 December 2013

Alright then, another almost-drabble

Since here there is no continuity to mess with, and likely never will be:

The Doctor (for he still thought of himself as the Doctor, much as he tried otherwise) looked out over this latest battlefield, then shook his head and turned to his companions.

“The battle’s won, and lives were saved. As many as we could.” He sighed. “Time to move on.”

Sister Araia gently placed her hand on his shoulder. “Never in one place for too long.”

“Never in one place for quite long enough,” the Doctor mused, scratching at his beard as he shuffled back towards the battered old police box on the hill overlooking the ruins of Atlantis.

“Thanks again. A spot of tea before we get you back to Karn, eh?” he asked, just about remembering how to smile.

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