Wednesday, 25 December 2013

The Time Of The Doctor

After an anniversary special meant to appeal to all and sundry, a Christmas special aimed pretty exclusively at those following the Eleventh Twelfth Thirteenth Last Eleventh Doctor’s era quite closely.

Very very spoilers.

And before that, a deleted scene from early on.

So the TARDIS exploding was Kovarian’s fault, the Papal Mainframe became the Silence for an absolute good cause, the Daleks should really learn not to nano-convert people with a high Willpower score and the Crack leads (at least sometimes) to Gallifrey, and they can bend their own rules.

Clear enough, really...

Dalek Zombie Silents!

Wooden Cyberman!

Nice Cyberman leftovers!

Trenzalore now ranking just behind Earth in the favourite planet stakes!

The Children In Need bit about holographic clothes may now be canon!

Weaponised regeneration!

Special Guest Weeping Angels!

Utterly gratuitous wig joke!



Kidneys! As spoken with quite the Scots accent! How very Scottish to take umbrage at one of your internal organs!


  1. I haven't yet squared the Doctor's apparent happiness at realizing he will become the curator at some point in the future with his utter certainty in Time of the Doctor that he's on his last body for sure, no way out.

    1. I think that was the effect of Tom Baker's Everything Will Be Fine field.

    2. Or of the The Anniversary Special Is For More Casual Viewers field. :)