Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Such a small thing

Google has been busy Doodling since the anniversary, with Doodles for St. Andrew’s Day, the opera singer Maria Callas and Carlos Juan Finlay, the Cuban scientist who worked out that yellow fever was spread by mosquitoes.

Not even going to try and connect all of those together...

But a single breakthrough like that can have massive repercussions through history, changing the development of pandemics and their treatment.

The classic easily-changed result here is penicillin, discovered because of a Petri dish left by an open window. It would be very easy for someone to come along and close it...


  1. Yellow Fever and How to Cure It was one of the floated titles for season 23 of the original series, before the hiatus happened.

    1. One wonders what it might mean in that context.