Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Day Of The Dredlox!

That time Power Man and Iron Fist fought off-model Daleks escaped from a play written by an off-model Doctor based on his adventures.

This never took off, unlike that other cult British TV knockoff the Hellfire Club, now a more important group in the X-Men than the original one-shot villains they lifted from The Avengers. (That’s Steed and Peel, not the Marvel superheroes, to add to the general confusion.)

According to this they did actually appear at least once more, apparently in an Avengers story (the Marvel superheroes this time!) named after the original title of City Of Death and co-written by noted Whovians the Lofficiers...

Point in their favour, the Dredlox have different arm attachments and weapons arrays, which if nothing else is toyetic.

And it’s also unconnected to the times the Doctor has been part of the Marvel (UK) universe due to licensing - some of which you can see in the DWM Seventh Doctor reprint comics A Cold Day in Hell, like the time he shrank Death’s Head down to human size with the Master’s Tissue Compression Eliminator and the time he was TARDIS-jacked by the Sleeze Brothers.

Of course, they were hardly the only ones. Getting stuck in unreliable time machines was a common problem for British comic superheroes in the 60s and 70s for some reason...

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