Tuesday, 7 January 2014

DWA Monster Build figure kits

Doctor Who Adventures is currently giving away the Monster Build Kit pack. Four snap-together plastic figures - Vastra, Strax, a 2013 Cyberman and a Weeping Angel.

And now an unnecessarily thorough review...

They’re not remotely miniatures scale. Which may make the rest of this post redundant.

Micro Universe Dalek and new action figure Clara for scale comparisons. Nor are they in scale with each other - Strax is as tall as the others, which makes him huge. And his head is too big for his body...

Being snap together, they are (apart from Strax) also somewhat mobile at the shoulder and neck. (And the thighs in the case of the Cyberman, making it as articulated as an original Star Wars figure if you take it off the base - the prongs are in the feet, though, so it cannot stand without it.)

A bit too much flash off the sprues, the Weeping Angel needs ears and a bit more back of the head (and can raise her arms to grab but not to cover her face) and the Cyberman’s proportions look a bit funny.

But still. Quite nice once all snapped together.

Oh, and if you’re a kid, or have kids, this is the first issue (of three) with tokens to win the life-size replica Dalek. You know you want to.

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