Saturday, 4 January 2014

The Doctor goes to... Australia

One byproduct of having an Australian sister-in-law is often getting calendars from her family at Christmas. Hanging above the computer now, as of three days ago, is this sometimes terrifying Australian Weather calendar, replacing last year’s series of legendary images from The Dreamtime. So naturally, looking for a source of adventures, my eye is drawn to the image for January. And I am reminded that Doctor Who has never really visited Australia.

The role of Australia was played by Littlehampton in The Enemy Of The World, and there it was just a Bond-style Exotic Backdrop anyway.

So what would a Doctor Who story shot on location there be like? What would the crew have to include - Sydney Opera House, Uluru and a kangaroo?

What would a suitable historical event be?

I could ask an Australian correspondent here, as I know a DWAITAS writer who shares a home town with Tegan...

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