Thursday, 31 July 2014

Doctor Who And The Guardians Of The Galaxy

Guardians Of The Galaxy is likely of interest to Doctor Who fans who like the space opera side of it, the teeming universe with beautifully rendered aliens and people painted funny colours side by side, where someone could be abducted from Earth and spend years bouncing around occupied space getting in trouble.

It’s very much the Dan Abnett and Lanning version of the Guardians. Abnett in particular has written lots of Doctor Who spinoffs, often in the space opera end of the setting.

It’s full of crowd scenes like the Star Wars Cantina, The Rings Of Akhaten or the cut scene I wish we’d gotten when we visited the Shadow Proclamation. (Yes, I’m still bitter six years on.)

Rocket Raccoon fits the Russell T Davies theory of audiences engaging with animal-like alien characters easily: the design and effects work for Groot and the makeup for Gamora and Drax could be distracting at times, but (partially because he’s done so well, and partially because he’s such a nuts idea) Rocket is just Rocket. I put the effects achievement aside and just see the character.

While there’s a lot of gunplay and blowing stuff up, the heroes also think and talk their way out of some problems. (And into others.)

Oh, and there’s evil bald blue Karen Gillan.

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