Friday, 25 July 2014

Titan Comics 10.1 and 11.1

The other news of the week is the first issues of Titan Comics’ series for the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors. Not the first time a Doctor has had a monthly, but I believe the first time previous regenerations have.

Siskoid already reviewed them here and here, and all I would add is the 10 is an interesting setup and 11 is a nice single issue...

So I’ll talk about them gamewise.

10 issue 1, Revolutions Of Terror, has something making fears come true. (Oddly enough, so does the latest issue of the none-more-Whovian Silver Surfer.) A classic, allowing plenty of monsters and screaming and running. No indication of the reason behind it yet. The story’s set around Hallowe’en, so the threat is also in keeping with that, perfect fodder for a Hallowe’en special if the show made those. It’s also used as a way into the heads of new companion Gabi and her family and friends. Very domestic, very RTD, as is only fitting. Some of them could be part-time PCs, at least based on this introduction, like Jackie and Mickey or Wilf, assuming the Doctor gets Gabi home from time to time. And nothing like revealing secrets to show a hidden side of a character.

11 issue 1, After Life, makes the funny rainbow dog easily fixed by some clever TARDIS piloting and concentrates more on new companion Alice as a character. Her most unique feature seems like it might jar with fun romps where here it counterpoints one, but we shall see. Oh, and there’s a Mysterious Figure in one panel. And a big gag about Parliament, to contrast with the quiet scenes of making tea and listening. That development could expand what might otherwise be a short into a session’s worth of activity.

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