Thursday, 25 December 2014

Last Christmas

Last Christmas has been on now, so... post 1111 is a new adventure.

Spoilers for those Santa hasn’t reached yet.

“That’s the trouble telling fantasy and reality apart - they’re both ridiculous.”

SFX loved it and I loved bits - Shona’s distraction technique (nice to see someone new doing something crazy and inventive, and immediately starting New Companion theories), the creepy changing blackboard, the great imaginary Danny speech and the Alien joke and lampshade-hanging with the monsters.

“There’s a horror movie called Alien? That’s really offensive! No wonder everyone keeps invading you!”

“Don’t look at them!” is a rather familiar refrain, and the sitting up in bed is rather The Empty Child too, but if it works, and is played with... (And remember, from the perspective of the target audience, The Empty Child was before they were born. Eek!)

Might cause some existential crises.

More thoughts from Bleeding Cool, including the reviewer spoiler request.

“It is fine to say Santa Claus is the real Santa - he’s not a monster or alien - Santa is both real and a Christmas hero!” So there we have it, direct from the BBC!

io9 notes its Greatest Hits feel and bit of self-parody, and reminds me of the Alan Moore Superman story it resembles as well. (When in doubt, borrow from non-mature-readers stories by Alan Moore.)

As an adventure? The setup lets you get away with anything, including playing Santa both ways. A classic Base Under Siege that you don’t even have to map. It could introduce new companions or write out familiar ones. And I’m sure we can stat up Santa, but he pops in and out when needed like a player spending a Story Point.


  1. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it too. A strong episode that made good use of the Christmas elements and delivered on the eerie teaser clips of scary monsters (with an appropriately Moffat twist - they see you when you see them) that contrasted well with the jokes and seasonal merriment.

  2. Don't remember the last time a Doctor Who episode made me laugh so hard.

    1. Yeah, most of my favourite elements were comedy. ((For me, the last time I laughed that much with an episode was probably The Day Of The Doctor.)