Sunday, 28 December 2014

The DWAITAS Annual 2015

Something I still think we should do...

Introduction to roleplaying - complete with dinky Fighting Fantasy style solo adventure.

Character sheets for Twelve (first time in print), Clara and Danny. And the Paternoster Gang, because I bet lots of kids would like a chance to play Strax and release the laser monkeys.

A Thousand Years - The Time Of The Doctor in some detail, perhaps relating to the Trenzalore short stories and the like.

Gallifrey Stands - using the promise of home, and a look at Time Lord characters and technology appearing throughout the series.

The Promised Land - people and machines all seeking it, and what awaits them...

The Robots Of Death - a guide to robot PCs and monsters.

Stats for Missy and the Cyber-Dead, the Mummy and the Boneless.

Adventures - teaming up with Psi and Saibra again to steal a time paradox, and a Christmas special.