Friday, 26 December 2014

The Doctor Who Annual 2015

Basically the Doctor Who Adventures Annual, as noted in previous years, with puzzles and big photos and that kind of thing. If you want depth, get the DWM Yearbook! It has no comics at all!

In terms of fiction we get two short bright comic strips and this year one very short story.

The Monsters Of Coal Hill School has a nice premise built around Clara being a teacher - aliens kidnapping teachers to learn about Earth so they can better invade it. Plenty of invaders pick up famous experts (the Rani going for Einstein et al) but why not more down-to-earth types? Bad luck picking Clara, obviously...

Freeze has Clara trying to use the TARDIS to avoid being late after sleeping in, which is a lovely in-character bit, so naturally she and the Doctor end up on a planet being invaded by vandals who enjoy freezing things and are rather upset it does not seem to be working...

Finally, When The Wolves Came is a quick sketch of an atmospheric idea, a boy stranded in a ruined future London fleeing from wolves back to the safety of the blue box he has been hiding in for months... It feels like the seed of something bigger. Hmm.

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