Saturday, 17 June 2017

The Eaters Of Light

“Death by Scotland.”

“Oh my God, it even does lip sync!”

Rona Munro returns, after last writing Survival.

Another example of why the miniatures game should be in a common scale to use historical minis.

Another example of deserters becoming heroes, so running this back to back with Empress Of Mars may not have helped. Another example of Bill falling in a hole too!

Nice reminder that cultural reactions to sexuality change.

The Eater looked great, though a glowing dragon-like monster in a pre-medieval setting will inevitably make me think of Outlander. The film, not the books and TV series... which had pre-Christian Scottish ritual stones as time portals. Okay, so both things called Outlander.

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  1. I thought Outlander as well. Another thoroughly enjoyable episode.