Saturday, 24 June 2017

World Enough And Time

“I’m Doctor Whooooo.”

A creepy old-fashioned hospital and masked people shifting in unison, a callback to The Empty Child?

And a super-child-unfriendly ending.

Lots of creepy build-up to stuff that had already been revealed in the previous trailer, magazine covers and the like, though.

Good call pushing the incomplete surgical look of the original Cybermen. Not as personally terrifying as the time the Cybermen almost assimilated a middle-aged guy called Craig, but hey.


  1. Yes, the big disappointment was that most of the "twists" had been spoiled (by the BBC) in advance!

    1. I would have gotten a real charge out of the reveals, if not for the pre-publicity. But I get that they do so to bring the viewing numbers up.