Monday, 17 January 2011

The Door In Time: The Complete Third Series

As noted elsewhere, I now have two or three players (one isn't sure) for another go in the TARDIS. One being Kai's player, it's now The Door In Time series three. (Series two featured young Effie and exists purely in theory at this time. HMV was missing the box set when you tried to get it to watch before S3 started.) The other hopefully-to-stick-around player hasn't actually watched Doctor Who but is generally aware of the concept, and "you travel in time and space, argue with monsters and run away when they attack" isn't hard to deal with, one hopes.

So Kai (new haircut, new coat) and an engineer from the 22nd century land in 1957 as two different groups of aliens invade the home of a young woman trapped in a loveless marriage...

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