Thursday, 20 January 2011

Toys: A Kvetch

Character Options has produced a good line of toys for Doctor Who since Christmas 2005. And there's nothing like a good line of toys to make you think "this could be better" rather than just not thinking about it at all.

The Kvetch this week comes from the announcement of not one, but two new lines. Mego-style and Lego-style. So that's another company making eight-inch-scale figures with cloth costumes and disproportionate caricature heads, and Character making cute chibi build-a-figures, like the presumably cancelled cute chibi Time Squad line but probably not the same scale. Since Time Squad made it to, what, sixteen figures, I can't help but wonder how far these lines will go.

Of course, I'm still annoyed by the disappearance of the Micro Universe miniatures line. And the fact that of the thirty-odd characters made for it, the only one not available in the main 5" figure line was Madame de Pompadour. And if I really want to kvetch, I could list characters who don't have figures and I think should, and a few who do and shouldn't. And not just the company's refusal to make human(oid) characters, especially women - why no Cybershades or Tritovores, or Journey's End Caan?

And why no Tenth Doctor in dinner jacket and bow tie? He wore that in three episodes - and a Christmas special which got a big box set of otherwise new figures with him wearing it on the box art but a normal one of him in the box!

And where's Rory?!

... And relax.


  1. How far we've come from the dark days of Dapol, with five-sided TARDIS consoles and innumerable nameless Time Lords.

  2. That would be the one that doesn't bear thinking about at all.