Monday, 10 January 2011


So what's the premise, eh? It's on page 40 of the generous 66-page extract in The Writer's Tale site. It developed into something not unlike Planet Of The Dead in later pages before being shelved to make way for Partners In Crime, and then Steven Moffat took it and ran in a different direction in The Eleventh Hour in a way...

"An alien hunt. A creature is released - on purpose? Or is it a prison ship? has the creature run amok and killed the crew, and it's crash-landed here? Nasty alien, vicious... Fast and deadly. Probably CGI. make it able to climb on ceilings - that's always scary. scuttling. Words like scuttling become good and important. I like that."

So yes, scary scuttling alien, practical-costume-type aliens after it, and people stuck in the middle of it.

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