Monday, 10 January 2011

Possibly putting some of this into practice again

So I've offered to run Doctor Who at my local games society again for the new term, having missed the start of this academic year due to travelling around the world and thus missed the start-of-term Grab Players Day. I have an interested player (which is more than I got last term), Kai's player from The Door In Time, possibly playing Kai again depending on who else is interested, if anyone. It would have been nice to get more players back, but they have other games ongoing. I had also gotten it into my head to run a The Door In Time Christmas Special this weekend, but ironically enough it was snowed off.

Episodes currently pencilled in using a series-ful of plots include an Aliens Of London Series Opener with a central premise stolen from The Writer's Tale, a trip to the future which is currently a bit vague, a Celebrity Historical... Of The Cybermen, a potential Big Emotional Episode and a story that uses time travel as a central point. So yes, largely the usual.

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