Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Adventure supplements

A thought I had caused by two DWAITAS threads being active at the same time (thanks to misterharry posting in both) and Morgan Davie writing an adventure for the lovely Icons...

The we-can-only-do-box-sets rule of C7's licence for DWAITAS means that standalone adventure books are a no-no.


I don't use pre-written adventures much in my games. In fact, using a Traveller magazine adventure as an episode of The Door In Time was the first time in about a decade. But I used it, and could use almost every adventure in the magazine it came from, because Doctor Who is one of the settings where totally episodic nothing-to-do-with-anything adventures happen pretty often. Introducing whole new use-and-discard settings, plot elements, enemies and monsters is a regular feature in Who.

Most of FASA's releases for their Who RPG (the subject of the second thread to spur this thought) were these very things. Of course, it was a different world back then, when adventures on paper were considered a cool thing for games not involving lizards and cellars. But it's also a shame for the partial demographic of kids. Because if you've never done this before, or you're stuck, or looking for something with more of a format, an adventure for the game you're running can come in right handy.


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