Thursday, 10 February 2011

Rassilon, Omega, Whatsisname

Over on DWAITAS, Kit seeks names for a librarian robot... Of Rassilon.

Rassilon, founder of the Time Lords, or at least Edison-like taker of the credit for founding the Time Lords, loves putting his name on things. He has a Sash, a Rod, a Book, a Record, Scrolls... These days he has a staff of office and a nuclear death gauntlet but he didn't name those, he obviously figured they went without saying.

Omega, by comparison, just gets the occasional doomsday weapon like his Hand. He may be like Vecna from D&D in that regard. Certainly he doesn't have his Head any more.

The Other, the non-canonical trickster figure in this Time Lord mythology who may be the Zeroth Doctor or the Doctor's father or something, sensibly avoids leaving things with his name on them.

Ancient myths can be punctured rather thoroughly by time travel, meeting your heroes often disappoints, and there's always the possibility of the players' characters ending up as the myths they wanted to research. But equally, ancient godlike beings sometimes live up to the hype, and then they're real trouble...

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