Saturday, 26 February 2011

A series-ful of plots series two: Series Two!

Time for a series rundown again!

And just to give added content, a bunch of different example adventures, with episode ideas listed to map out the shape of a second series.

The Complete Series N2

1: The Secret City (Series Opener, Aliens Of London)
The Doctor and Emily, visiting her home time and space, meet new friends and new enemies as they find London changing beyond all recognition.

2: Department Thirteen (Future Tense)
The year 4000, and everything is in order. You need a form to park that time vehicle here. Yes, a red C-47. No, this is a red B-47, you want Department Four, across the hall, up two flights of stairs, second door on the left, face right, down the stairs, second right, first left, move along please...

3: Time And Temerity (Celebrity Historical, Time Crash, Guest Writer Steve Darlington)
Meeting Jane Austen, the travellers find a time warp affecting the world, and while they try and figure out the technological source of the danger, she finds the emotional cause.

4: The Tyrant Star (Big Two-Parter, Space Opera 1)
Returning to the present, the Doctor and Emily find an alien armada looming over Earth, and alien assassins hunting an escaped prisoner in London.

5: The Exiled Earth (Big Two-Parter, Space Opera 2)
Can they contact the fugitive alien princess's people before the armada silences her and everyone on Earth as well?

6: Tomb Of The Daleks ((Insert Ominous Word Here) Of The Daleks)
No-one has seen a Dalek for a thousand years... until an archaeological dig on a distant world uncovers an ancient city... and who ordered them to search there?

7: The Girl Who Lost Her Way (Doctor-Lite Episode, Time Travel, Behind The Sofa, Secret Arc Episode)
Emily finds herself alone in late 19th Century London when the TARDIS disappears around her, trying to find a way to leave a message for the Doctor to find in the present, with a half-glimpsed entity stalking her through the city's fogbound streets...

8: The Cup, The Coin, The Staff, The Sword (Arc Episode, Time Travel)
Returning to modern London following a strange signal, Emily notices a prominent Georgian building that should have been destroyed in the Blitz. Who saved it, and why?

9: The Endless Night (Big Two-Parter, War Story, Base Under Siege 1)
A waystation at the edge of colonised space, a supply point in an intergalactic war between two rival claimants for the Second Great and Bountiful Human Empire, now under attack from an unknown, unseen foe.

10: The Shadow Of The Stars (Big Two-Parter, War Story, Base Under Siege 2)
The threat to Station Aleph is revealed, and the Vij brings a chilling warning for the Doctor...

11: The Red Knight (Something Completely Different, Pseudohistorical)
Tracing the origins of the Council, the Doctor and Emily head for the Sixteenth Century and find themselves chased by knights in armour and alien bandits.

12: House Of Cards (Series Finale 1, Time Travel)
The Council's plan to subvert human history to their own ends is revealed, and the Doctor and Emily move to stop them.

13: All Fall Down (Series Finale 2, (Insert Ominous Word Here) Of The Daleks)
The Council's last desperate gambit, using their stolen time machine, allows a Dalek army to escape into the present and threatens to destroy the human race. What can the Doctor and Emily do to stop it - and was the warning of the Vij true? Will anyone survive?

L: The Lost Doctor (One-Shot)
Investigating sightings of what may be Daleks, the Doctor is kidnapped by a rogue Time Agent and Emily has to team up with a UNIT research team to find him.

X: Star Of Wonder, Star Of Night (Christmas Special, Space Opera)
The Doctor and Emily visit a Christmas market on a 22nd Century colony, looking for presents for Emily's family... when the Doctor detects an alien battleship coming in to orbit. Is this first contact... or last?

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