Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Jules Verne

It's Jules Verne's 183rd birthday, as pointed out by a rather lovely little Google logo. Unlike fellow Father Of Science Fiction H.G. Wells, he didn't write a time travel story so he hasn't had a jokey guest appearance in a Doctor Who story, which is a shame as environmentally-conscious mad scientists with giant killer submarines, mole machines heading for the Earth's core and mad races around the planet would seem to fit the show rather well, especially these days. He wrote legendary SF, great adventure stories, a novel-length Poe fanfic (!) and enough books that you could do a 30 Adventures brainstorm with his titles alone. Probably for Hollow Earth Expedition or something like it.

Meeting him in Who would be a Celebrity Historical unless it was a gag cameo, probably to do with a mad scientist threatening Paris with some sort of gigantic hissing thumping machine, although you could always bring in Silurians as well.

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