Sunday, 26 June 2011

Doc Who

Bizarrely, a post about what a blogger would like Joss Whedon to do after The Avengers has stirred up the An American Playing The Doctor debate at WHEDONesque.

Whenever this comes up, I'm reminded of an exchange with a friend:

Him: You couldn't have an American play Rincewind!
Me: What about Steve Buscemi?
Him, without missing a beat: Yeah, okay, he'd be good.

When the subject of An American Playing The Doctor comes up, a lot of us get patriotic about it. When we do, it seems we're not imagining any particular American actors, but An American. I envisage An American as having a Malibu tan, perfect teeth, washboard abs and no discernible talent. An American would be a bad fit for the Doctor, of course. See Episodes, which Steven Moffat has described as very nearly a true story, for what casting An American could do to the show.

They aren't thinking of, say, Alan Tudyk, or David Krumholtz, or Jason Schwartzman, or Neil Patrick Harris, or Fran Kranz, or Joseph Gordon-Levitt, or Clarke Peters, or Lance Henriksen, or Masi Oka, or Tony Shalhoub, or Jake Gyllenhall, or...

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