Saturday, 4 June 2011

A Good Man Goes To War

Well, that was certainly an interesting evening’s entertainment.

There was a development in the River Song thing, but eh, that was the least interesting thing about it. As someone on SFX noted, “From the moment the baby was called Melody there was basically no doubt who she was...”

Spaceships! Monsters! New monsters! Old monsters! Spitfires! Pirates! Rory!

Victorian Silurian ninja lady killed (and ate) Jack the Ripper! Ahahahaha.

Hilarious Sontaran.

... Omega?

Poor Lorna, another addition to the sad pantheon of companions who never were. And Bucket, a red herring name? After all, you can put water in a bucket.

For a more coherent review, BOTIS.

And next... "LET'S KILL HITLER!"

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