Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Mighty 200

My 200th post...

Planet Of The Dead was the 200th story in Who’s TV history. (Shortly after the 50th episode of the revived series, Midnight, and just a couple years before the 777th episode overall, A Good Man Goes To War. The show is vast and contains multitudes.)

Doctor Who Magazine ran a poll to rate all 200. The Caves Of Androzani came first and its immediate followup The Twin Dilemma came last. As I discussed last time I raised this topic this says something about the variability of the series. It's always something new.

(So much so that the DWAITAS system seems to model the Davies era better than the Moffat one, with Story Points better for last-minute “aha!” solutions than clues laid in but slyly hidden earlier on.)

So who knows what will be at the top of The Mighty 300 in a decade or so...

“The Fifteenth Doctor and Sudipta face the Anti-Daleks for the final time in The Infinite Man!”

(Shot on location on the Moon. Reviewing it for SFX, kudos notes “the episode had a distinct lack of atmosphere”.)

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