Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Man With The Future In His Pocket

Random thought spawned by this question about TARDIS forms.

How big does a TARDIS portal have to be? Big enough to get in and out of... but only when you want to get in and out of it. So instead of having a TARDIS key... the TARDIS could be a key.


  1. In Terror of the Autons, a Time Lord pops out of thin air, accompanied by the TARDIS sound effect. On the old DRWHO-L list, when the question arose of just how he did that, I remember an at the time radical theory the Time Lord was wearing his TARDIS as a ring, or keeping it as a pen in his pocket.

    Or maybe he was just wearing a Time Ring.

  2. Ooh.

    Having not seen it, I thought based on a description that he might simply have an invisible TARDIS. Which is pretty nifty in and of itself.

    I have to go see this one now, don't I?

  3. It's a good 'un. The Master comes to Earth and I don't think he was ever again so malevolent as he was at that first meeting.

  4. Although honestly, making the TARDIS' shell selectively transparent, he can be seen but not the control room, makes a good deal of sense.

  5. Having seen the episode, (a) what a smug git he was and (b) he was standing on something... of course, a TARDIS can fly, so he could have been holding a very small flying thing, but standing on an invisible flying thing seems to match the position of his feet... darn those early effects.