Monday, 12 March 2012

The Door In Time Action Figures: Series One

Spurred on by this collection of thoughts on how characters might be made as figures I got to thinking about The Door In Time since it started with a Doctor Who figure...

Kai: Sonic cane (obviously). Undisguised Door - all brass and roundels.
Effie: Handbag, phone. The Door as it appears at her house.
Dan: Service revolver. WWII base Door.
Gabriel: Multitool. Futuristic Door.
Nimue: Transparent "psychic effect" that clips on over her head. Wooden Door.

TARDIS playset: Coatless Kai figure (with a sonic cane) and two new Doors, as well as clip-in compatibility for other characters' Doors.

Clockwork Roman: Spear and sword.
Ice Wolf: Nothing. Fly-apart action?
Space Pirate: Laser rifle.
Terracotta Warrior: Spear and sword.
Tarokka: Laser rifle.
Vas Murb: Laser carbine.
Warlord Kalak: Halberd.
UNIT Soldier: SMG
Captain Magambo: Pistol. Door in UNIT Base Emergency Exit disguise.
Mirror Nimue: Mirror. Robot vacuum cleaner.
Alan Turing: Crystal computer. Donation to his estate.
Andrat: Laser rifle.
1960s Effie: Handbag. Brightly painted 60s Door with "Way Out" written on it. Really short skirt.
Dalek Tral: Different probes and plungers.

The Storm Of Never wave:

Amelia Earhart: Pistol.
Judoon Security: Removable helmet. We have the technology!
Shadow Architect: Body Scanner.
Raxacoricofallapatorian Solicitor: Briefcase.
Flood Cybermen: Gun arms you can switch with non-gun arms.
Dalek Storm: Really loud blaster noise.
Kai2: Sonic key. Blackened metal Door.
Young Effie: The same as Older Effie. (Gotta keep the costs down, eh?)

Following Yonder Star:

Foldup assassin: Container. But come two in a pack. And they fold up!

Series Two:

Preview images of the new Kai and Effie figures are available, but that's all so far. Coming Soon...

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