Wednesday, 21 March 2012

"I was in M&S holding an avocado..."

Jenna-Louise Coleman is the new companion, starting at Christmas.

Never seen her in anything (except apparently she was Connie in Captain America - one of the dates at the World's Fair) have to watch ITV's Titanic now.

(I'd never seen David Tennant in anything before he was announced, they reshowed Casanova so those without cable could get a look at him.)

Let the wild mass guessing about who she is begin!

(First mad idea since she's dark-haired and mid-twenties, she's obviously the Doctor's opposite sex clone. For reals.)


  1. I'm hoping alien... with prosthetics... and maybe tentacles...

    1. I would not advise holding one's breath.

      (Maybe a historical.)

    2. Ha ha! I wasn't really that optimistic, but a companion from at least another time period would be great :D

    3. She doesn't look very alien here.

      Of course, this may be like the first image of Matt Smith in a black jumper and suit as what he never wore as the Doctor.

    4. Oh, I do hope they do something different with her character... I expect we'll find out more this weekend after the Official Convention!

    5. Are you there, or waiting on newsfeeds? (I'm the latter. I've already failed to arrange a trip to Cardiff for the Nationals, I'd feel extra guilty going there three weeks earlier...)

    6. Foolishly I procrastinated over the cost for ages and by the time I decided we should go (co-incidentally when Karen was announced as a guest), my wife had already arranged a trip to a show with her friends this evening... which rather put a kibosh on the event for us.

      I shall know next time to be at the head at the ticket queue...

    7. Moffat says there's a big mystery surrounding her (gotta replace River's somehow), so I'm liking the speculation that she is a Time Lord or even Susan. The clue? Moffat liked that she could talk even faster than Matt Smith. Just liked her energy? Or is it a TL trait?