Saturday, 31 March 2012

Slingers - Space Caper Movie

On the subject of sizzle reels, SLINGERS.

Even if it never becomes a show, the Hustle Vs Firefly teaser starring Sean Pertwee is a perfect little vignette right there.

And have we done "Ocean's Eleven caper movie in space" in Doctor Who? We must have, surely... TNG and DS9 both did it.

If not, let's do that.

(I've already come up with reasons for modern heists, naturally going for the Crown Jewels, so why not mix it up?)

So there's a unique and vitally important item. Or a companion has been kidnapped. Or something. Whatever the case, it's some irreplaceable, and you can't just TARDIS in and grab it.

What matters is that this requires a highly convoluted con/sting/heist to sort out.

With optional time travel to make it possible if someone needs to be in two places at once.

There will also naturally be a slick and entirely crooked owner. And big thugs who are seven feet tall and have four arms or something.

And some kind of insane game of chance that could prove fatal.

And a space station that looks like a roulette wheel.

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