Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Hour Is Here

After a quiet period it's been quite a week in Whonews, and now, of immediate relevance:

The Eleventh Doctor edition in PDF.

Or free with a direct preorder of the box.

First impression: The character sheets are landscape format.

Second impression: The adventures we playtested are still there.

Third impression: Hey, SteveD got his name in the credits!

Fourth impression: I don't think the spread of example pregen PCs is as immediately useful. They all have sketched-in backgrounds this time rather than one or two-word archetype descriptors, which can help play and provide plot hooks, but a few of them seem weird for the sake of weird - particularly Indiana Jones. The student and journalist would have been handier to me at least.

Fifth impression: Smilers and Winders! Remember when they were being hyped up as a thing? Ah, those were the days...

Sixth impression: The Weeping Angels have a whole page of special rules. Their powers run on Story Points, which is an interesting spin on the mechanics.

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